The True Meaning and Intent of Feminism

Let’s start by making this abundantly clear: Feminism is more Pro-men than Anti-men as most men, and even some women, like to see it. It simply tells the world that: women deserve the same opportunities and chances that men do, women are equally creative, innovative and intelligent as men and women are not asking for pity or extra favors simply because they are female. Additionally, it says that men are as humane and deserving of the right to feel emotions as women and should therefore be allowed to, without judgement. It challenges and says ‘no’ to the gender expectations imposed on men and boys as it does the ones imposed on women and girls. It says that all people, of all genders, should be given equal chances and opportunities and be judged on merit, allowing the individual who comes out on top being awarded his/her due, irrespective of what his/her gender is.

This is why we should all be Feminists.

We can all agree that biologically, men are generally stronger than women. On the same note, we must also agree that the determination as to who is more intelligent, innovative, creative or more qualified for a corporate or leadership position, has absolutely nothing to do with one’s gender, and subsequent strength. We are not arm wrestling at the top, we are using our brains.

I believe that by now it is blatantly clear, even if some people try to deny it: Feminism is the way forward; equality is the way forward.

It is THE way to ensure true equality, which is the only way we can live in a world that is as Pro-women as it is Pro-men, thereby ensuring true satisfaction and the perfect and just collaboration between all genders, be it professionally or domestically. This change is necessary and so important, because, as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie puts it, “Gender, as it functions today, is a grave injustice.”

Many argue that if Feminism truly isn’t anti-men and in favor of women alone, why is the movement then termed, “Feminism” highlighting the word “feminine”, and not just called something like “Human Rights” since equality for both sexes is encapsulated by human rights. This has been simply answered by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, “It would be dishonest. It would be a way of pretending that it was not women, who have for centuries, been excluded. It would be a way of denying that the problem of gender targets women.”

If we are all fair, we must agree that she is again right. In all of history, I for one have not read of a time when men were discriminated in the business, corporate or leadership world because of their gender. I have not read of a time in history when men were, because of their gender, denied several basic necessities of being human, ranging from the access to education to the right to work outside his home.It has always been women facing such ugliness and inhumanity.

Feminism today is gravely detested by many men, as well as many women, and this is because they lack understanding of the true meaning and goal of the movement.

So, again, I reiterate. Feminism begs not for women to be treated differently, more softly or pityingly, simply because they are women. In fact, this is a school of thought which Feminism seeks to do away with.

Feminism does not plead for women to be “considered” into leadership positions because they are women and no, it does not seek to communicate, “I am a woman and therefore naturally less intelligent, innovative and creative than men so I should be judged for a professional position less harshly.” I am saying this because I have in time come to understand that this is where the misunderstanding and hatred comes in, as many men complain they believe that a woman was picked over them for a work position simply because she was a woman. That is not what Feminism and Feminists are fighting for. We seek to sell the idea that a woman should be denied of a position if she’s not qualified enough, as should a man, and be accepted all the same if she is more qualified than her vying competitors, as should a man.

The sooner we understand and accept this truth, the better for us all as a species.

Authored by Diamond Tealee Brown

Featured picture by Informative Feminist

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