Islam the Perfect-being

My name is Islam

Sent as a guide from Allah to mankind

My followers are called Muslims

I am perfect but my followers are imperfect

I am the divine method for you to follow

I am the way to eternal salvation

I preach the foundation of faith

I am complete for all matters of life

I am perfect and flexible

My teachings tackle all issues of life at all times

It is consistent for all generations

Unchanging through the times

Guiding my people through my teachings

That is why I am the religion of the natural disposition

Allow yourself to experience me and search no more

I offer my Book to you as proof

My book stands firm, never contradicting itself

My book is an argument for or against you

Oh humankind! Today, your ways of life do not reflect me

You have brought misconceptions to my teaching

I granted you free will, only for you to misuse

I teach unity, yet you prefer separation

I instructed you to be just, yet you practice injustice

I demonstrated to you the value of love and mercy, yet you practice hatred

I commanded you to avoid zina, yet you saw zina as a way of life

I thought you to be patient and kind to the poor, yet arrogance was your choice

I obligated you to speak morally, yet you immorally spoke haram

I guided you to adapt humanity and be generous, yet you selfishly oppress humanity

I directed you not to show malice to orphans, yet you enslave them

I educated you to avoid gambling and alcoholism, yet you became addicted.  

I instructed you to be clean and pure, yet you became filthy.

I gave you my Sunnah and sharia, yet you boldly disobey

I trusted you to struggle in Allah’s path, yet you struggle against Allah’s commands

Oh, mankind! Did you not hear the speech of Allah instructing you?

Did you not hear what came in Qaaf and Yaa-sen?

Did you not hear the cry of the dead inviting you?

Did you not hear about the day of gathering?

Today I am judged by what you do

Media blackmails me for terrorism

My name is used in falsehood

Dear media, you have presented the false me to the world

For I teach nothing order then  a complete way of life

Prayer is my light

Patience is my illumination

Charity is my proof

If you want to know me, study me. Not my followers!

If  you wanna judge- judge based on my teachings. Not the doings of Muslims!

For remember, they are susceptible to errors

I have no mistakes but Muslims make a lot of mistakes  

I am perfect, but Muslims are not perfect

I, ISLAM, am the ultimate truth                

Authored by Fatu Kaba

Featured picture by Dana Nahama

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  1. Janga v KAMARA says:

    Wonderful job Jazzak Allah Khair

  2. Jarffah Amadou says:

    It’s a great piece. It stretches on one of our biggest problems of the modern age. Hope will take this piece into account and implement said things.
    Thank you for this great piece, scholar.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Indeed I am moved by this poem written by an astute female scholar. Please keep it up, poetess Fatu Kaba.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice poem scholar.
    I’m inspired by your poem.
    May the Almighty Allah continue to bless you, scholar.

  5. M. Hady Sherif says:

    What a very nice, educative and inspiring piece! I’m proud of your creativity. This is another form of propagation. Maa shaa Allaah. Keep it up.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this special prayer

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this special prayer

  8. Drs Qaali Dheeman cisman says:

    Masha Allah


    Inspiring! That’s the first word that came to mind. Your work is uniquely educative and religiously motivational. Great job!

  10. Fatumata L. Kaba says:

    Very interesting, May it touch the heart of many Muslims to the right path.

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