I am King

I am kingdom

First name king I hail from divine melanin ancestry

My heritage is rich and unparalleled

The sufferings of those before me

Emblazons and emboldens my quest

I am free

Not enslaved

I am not a hashtag or a victim

I am not discriminated against

I am feared

The thought of what I can achieve

And all that I can be

Surpasses your feeble devices

you mechanize and strategize for my demise

Like Maya “yet I rise”

I am a testament of the dreams of revolutions

The vision of Kings and Queens

I rise above your powerlust

More like powerless rhetoric

Racial slurs and oppression

Cynical social constructs

Obvious insecurity in self

So much so

That you gratify your emptiness

By the degradation of those you consider less

You’re such a mess that you con and scheme and prey on the weak

You incentivize the disenfranchised

With you’re white lies

Get it? “White Lies”

Your form is weak and your rhetoric is tired

I am not fazed by what you prophesize

I too am in tune with the Most High

I will not look to you as my lead

I can not comply

For your knowledge is not what scripture feeds

I will not provide my gem of power to be trained, devoured, programmed to what you specify

While stripping me of my heritage, and encouraging me to push my culture aside

I am free

Like Dr. King’s dreams

Like Rosa planted on the seat

Like Malcom and Ali, refusing to be reduced to fit society

I’ll refuse to fight your wars

You will not exploit me

I am a king

Like King Sao Boso, Mansa Musa and Shaka Zulu

Like Haile Selassie, Kwame Nkrumah, J. J. Roberts

I am a beacon of prosperity and new beginnings

I am a hopeful cause

A just revolution

These peculiarities and misconceptions you form of me do not define me

I decide my identity

I decide my legacy


Authored by Joel Smart

Featured Picture by Saatchi Art

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    It’s dope

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