More than a Victim

I wish I knew what being protected is…

He came swiftly, like a theft in the night.

Digging his fingers inside my great beyond,

Leaving me with nothing but nightmares.

Now, my body is broken and bleeding;

I can’t even explain how it happened!

He promised to help me get in school

For this chance, am I a victim or survivor?

She said, “I’ll empower you through education”

This, for me, was more than a dream come through.

Maybe being molested was worth this shot;

Maybe him touching me was a blessing in disguise.

Even though he stands in her shadow staring at me,

I can be more than a victim of these memories.

All I ask is how does it feel to lose a virginity at will?

Too bad mine was stolen from me.

I want to drown myself in the 7 seas!

To wash off the dirt of your sins.

I want the salt to free my body of this shame!

All I want is to feel like a “ Girl” again.

I just pray time heals my brokenness;

Someway I’ll find the strength to forgive myself.

If this is all a dream,

Waking up would be my greatest achievement.

Authored by Curtis Itoka

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