This is for the girl who sells sour oranges on my street.

I want to tell you so many things;  

How I spell “beautiful” with the letters of your name

And how your eyes smile along with your lips.


If Aphrodite was a human, she would look like you,

The sun on your skin, like an accessory in your kit.

Your hips sway in tune with the symphony that is your voice

Your body is a soothing opera.


I talk to you with words, but communicate in silence.

Do you hear my heartbeat?

Do you hear its rhythm singing songs?

Speaking truths that my mouth is too shy to say.

This message is for the Bassa girl selling sour oranges on my street,

Tomorrow I will be back,

I will buy another bag of sour oranges.

I hope my mouth finds strength to speak my daydreams into existence.


Authored by Dounard Bondo
Featured Picture by Ranjani Raghavan

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