Not More Than Us

More than me. 

More than you.

More than him.

More than her.

Is this more than us?


More than rape,

More than abuse,

This is more than sad;

Way more than a scandal and cover-up.

Yet, this isn’t more than justice!


It should be more than awareness,

More than signing a petition,

More than #Unprotected Protests,

Even more than social media posts.

However, not more than advocacy.


This justice we want takes more than a day,

More than our empathy,

More than tears and pity.

This requires more than “y’all sorry,”

Far more than letters of apology,

Yet, it is more than achievable.


This process starts with us.
More than our retweets and sad emojis,
More than calling ourselves “feminists”.
It takes the changing of our mindsets, More than the willingness
But the intentional action to give the justice they deserve
For this is no more than us.


Authored by Joshua S. Kulah

Featured Picture by Ligerian Optics 


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