The following message was approved by you for you and to you:   

You are allowed to be YOU.
You are allowed your smarts and your skills;

to be unapologetically brilliant; to be intimidating; to show off.


You are allowed grandiose mistakes;

allowed to fall face flat;
and have dumb af moments.


You are allowed to date

black, white, Asian, or alien;

man, woman, anyone in between, or none at all.


You are allowed to wear your hair

band free, edges laid or a fucking high bun
even a buzz cut and the freshness it provides (literally).


You are allowed to give a thumbs up “Yes,”

or a middle finger “No.”


You are allowed soft laughs and shy smiles;

and obnoxiously loud, gut-wrenching, jaw-aching laughs,
especially the kinds you have with friends in public spaces,
plus snorts and snickers, if you choose.


You are allowed to be a chatterbox today

and silent the next.


Most importantly, my love,

You are allowed to discover you.

on YOUR terms,
on YOUR time,
on YOUR own.


You are allowed because you decree it.

You are allowed to not even know what the fuck a decree is.


Authored by Girlchild

Featured picture by Liberianoptics


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