Mister Anxiety

Dear Anxiety

Pain lives inside of me,

Like a raging fire hugs a lost soul.

Reaching out to quench my anxiety,

I found that my roots weren’t deep enough.

Learning to give back to my truth;

Mister anxiety whispers, “hey, lost souls wander forever; I ain’t done yet.

A big drop falls from my eyes.

It covers my soul;

Mister anxiety smiles.

Is this the weakness in me?

How can I face my anxiety?

It beats me up like a rogue,

While stealing my joy.

I am shattered and bothered

Running without direction,

Where’s the path that leads to my escape?

Dear Anxiety

Let me learn to crawl before I walk

Free my wounded heart

Haven’t you gone deep enough?

Mister Anxiety,

Haven’t you cause me to sleepwalk through memories?

Leaving me with the torments of a broken heart

Dear Anxiety,

Enough Is Enough!

I am finding all my shines of sun rays;

Reaching to my truth, like a dove in the sky.

No more will you hug my mind and enslave my thoughts, Mister Anxiety.

I found the signal to my departure deeper than I could ever imagine.

Yes! I did!

Goodbye, Mister Anxiety.

My fears have become my stepping ground.

You! Yes you, Mister Anxiety, are no friend of mine.

Bang! That’s me slamming the door

Goodbye, Mister Anxiety.

Poem by Curtis Carney Itoka

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