Justice is Guilty

Humbled, I stand before this grand court
To argue our case… against ‘Justice

On behalf of humanity,

Humanity is sick!
And Justice is one of the diseases.


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury:

They say ‘Justice delayed is Justice denied’
Nowadays, Justice is not even delayed.
It is simply being denied right from the genesis.
And I blame it all on ‘Justice’.


Why should Justice allow itself to be used?
As an accessory to clandestine acts
Perpetrated by mere mortal men

Why should Justice sit there and do nothing?
while the rich get richer at the expense of the tears and cries of the poor?

Why should Justice neglect its duty as innocent men rot in jail,
and the real evil doers walk with impunity?

Why should justice allow families to be ripped apart?
It stands by rapists, murderers and four- one-niners
And allows most of these predators to go scot free?


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury:

I believe Justice gave birth to Injustice
That is why injustice wreaks havoc while justice does nothing.

Listen to the cries of humanity
And find Justice guilty.
For if Justice had been doing its job,
injustice wouldn’t have been absent.

But, I say, do not sentence Justice to jail;
But rather:

Sentence Justice to be there
When the poor needs him the most.

Sentence Justice to stand firm
And do not allow families to be ripped apart by hooligans

Sentence Justice so that he can wake up
From his slumber
And be the protector of mankind
That we all know that he can be.

Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury,
Justice is Guilty.
I rest my case.


Authored by Darcess Dossen

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The typa writing that gets the goosebumps on ur skin in a minute. Exhilarating…

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