Femininity II

Femininity: the idea that womanhood is being the fragile, quiet woman who submits to the man and respects his decisions because that’s how it should be.


my hobbies include:

cooking, cleaning, and reading romantic novels.

To find me,

Search for the most quiet person in the room.

And yes, talk to me anyhow; you will never get a response.

Of course, I am a humble peacemaker

I only want to be called beautiful.


I believe a Man is always right;

Even when he is wrong, you just don’t understand.

You don’t dare correct a man in public!

So when a lady wants her way,

she should ask her man’s permission, politely, to get it.


When I see other women being wild,

Obviously, I will put them in their place.

They should not spoil our name in the street!

If she came from a decent home,

She would know her place;

She is supposed to behave like a proper lady.


*  this requires any level of idiocy in order to read without the sarcasm.*


Authored by girlchild

Featured image by Disney


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  1. Ew, this is what my mother advocates (BTW I know you’re being sarcastic)

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