Message by the Ink

Over 170 years ago, some of our forefathers were here and others came and they set eyes on the most beautiful thing called freedom.

They felt liberation clawing its way free from beneath their skin from the first glimpse of land while still at sea. I still feel the anxiety to get off the ship as if I existed when they were supposed to be freed.

So I believe some of our forefathers set their feet on the soil of Liberia while on empty stomachs,

they were filled with joy.  

I wonder if their spirits can attest to this piece of poetry, so you could see their anguish when we Liberians do not embrace our country.

I wonder if their idea of freedom is freed indeed with us to blend our newly developed inspiration as we grow to love one another as a people.

Our Dear Politicians, I know you… not from the beginning of time but I know my history.

When it comes to your civility, do not replace “Humanity” with “Politics”.

I want you to hold on to the same feelings our fathers had when they were unchained and sent off to the idea of liberation.

I want you to let go of your notion of personality when you’re marketing our heritage.

A land of so much wealth but still in poor health, mismanaged by people without love,

So I beg your indulgence when you sit at the table to discuss my country’s worth.

I need you to remember the blood of my forefathers.  

I have come today, wrapped in poetry to give you a message from the spirit because my tongue is heavy to speak Metaphors; I am here to communicate my forefathers’ grievances.


As you are in the spotlight, I am asking that you forget yourselves and put on garments of the Country’s interests but not as children still conformed to slavery because our forefathers have rebelled against this mentality.

It is no coincidence that you are the leaders of today.

So speak against economical slavery, rebel against financial crisis and unchain this country

from the bondage of poverty.

Change your mentality and let your changes bring glory to this country!

So take this piece of poetry and let it become a guideline for managing our resources.

Thank you..

Authored by William Anderson

Featured Pic by LiberiaPostives

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