A Complex Concept of Reality

Reality is complex and we need to embrace its complexity, sacrificing the comfortable feeling that the idea of truth has traditionally provided –that never-ending process of thinking you know the truth about life– when we ought to open our minds to fresh ideas and concepts so that our minds can generate its own belief system. There are so many layers and aspects to the complex concept of reality.

To Simplify…..

The reality you live in is like a movie. Thing is, every plot line that you can ever think of is already laid out. You just choose the scenes you play.

Now, let us take the law of attraction for example.

The energy you put out manifests itself in differing levels of existence and comes back at you. The energy behind your intentions/actions/thoughts materializes the scene you think you’ll end up experiencing. But it is so much more than that! You literally switch realities. Every moment in time happens at once. Every scene is a different reality. It is your energy that attracts the scenes in life you need to experience/play out. Your life matches your vibration/energy.

Now it gets more complicated since we have to expand the focus to include everyone else’s movies. Their realities blend in with ours:

You are with a friend; you’re both now merging your realities. Your two separate bubbles of reality become one bubble with two different viewpoints. (Imagine a Venn Diagram) Those two viewpoints are still technically two different realities in as much as they are one. They are just two parts of a greater scene that you both have created.

Now let’s expand further to the collective reality. There are billions of us; trillions, if you add in other life forms. Each of these has their own reality. All of these billions of realities mix together and form the universal reality. A collective reality that we keep alive together.

Now you must take into account dimensions. I prefer the term densities. Each reality is composed of layers of densities. We are multidimensional beings. We live in/experience many layers of “densities” at once. Each has their own frequency/vibration. All of this adds to the scene you attract/create. It’s like music. Each layer sings a different note. Whichever layer of reality you experience depends on the vibration/frequency you give out. Each layer has its own rules.

If energy were just sounded (they kinda are), you can picture all these different musical notes projecting out of you as a song. Your song travels out and the universe reverbs the song back to you. This song breaks down into various different sounds/notes, essentially. Creating the scene’s own experience.

The universe materializes your song! It’s crazy. Play a different song and you’ll be experiencing a different scene. But imagine, what if we are all intended to play the same song. See, we’re always moving through different layers of reality; different realities in general. There are levels to this. We essentially are standing in one spot. Everything materializes before you with every step you take, but you’re still at the same spot.

The underlying point here is that you create your reality. These aren’t just some words that your local hippie might always say. It is real! As species, we have shifted realities recently. We do this more often as the time goes by. Celestial alignments will mirror this.

Reality is a complex topic so let this resonate with your consciousness 🍃


Creative Writing by Shazo

 Featured Picture by LiGerian Optics

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