I am A Queen

Breaking waves and buildings tides

Powers beyond compare

Wisdom flowing like water from the falls of Kpatawe

Bringing life to the soil and joy to desert lands

Like rain from the sky, I am a blessing to this droughty earth

Like the wild oceans, my spirit is untamed


I walk fearlessly, I have the seven seas at my feet

Standing right where the sky touches the sea

The birthplace of the rainbow of freedom

Unshaken by circumstances

I navigate trials like a flowing river

And plunge my challenges to the bottom of the sea

Like sinking ships, never to be seen again

I am the Source

From me flows rivers of life

And fountains of courage

I have fought many wars

These scars on my back are testaments

Flowing through my veins are lakes of fire

My throne sits at the center of the earth

And my crown on my brows

Made from the treasures of the sea

There’s nothing I cannot achieve

For I am a Woman of this world

I am a Queen

Authored by Beulah Nimene

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