Not My JOHN!

It was a beautiful morning when the sun dazzled brightly…

From the hills came the most beautiful man I have ever laid eyes upon…

Before I could say a word, there was a whisper “I am JOHN”.


Overwhelmed by love I couldn’t resist his charms.

He regaled me with tall tales that made me want him even more.


Blinded by love I give into my lust

Fooled by his charms, my days became my nights and my nights never had a day.

It started with a punch then kicks and screams…

With every single teardrop that falls from my eyes,

I couldn’t help but think “Not My JOHN”


Weaker by the minute

Hopeless by the hours

Could this be the kind of love my mama warned me about?

If someone could have found by voice and spoken for me I would have seen the beauty that is Love.


Feed me to the wolves

But take away my pains

Rekindle my faith with a song

But my favorite line will forever be “Not my JOHN”


by Curtis Carney Itoka

Featured Picture: News.Com Australia

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