My First Kiss

For many their first kiss is like their favorite movie

Playing back and forth in their heads with stolen smiles

For me it is a horror film I wish I had never watched


This horrific day still plays in my head

Claws of memories continue to have a hold on me

Yet I cast my wishes upon the stars hoping the sea swallows my past

For it was all my fault


Walking through the dark hallway I heard his voice call out my name

The voice draws me closer for I was too naive to think otherwise

“Come inside,” he said

“For what?” I did not know or ask


As my nine-year-old legs stepped into his domain of sinfulness

His evil eyes examined my little body as if I was a meal ready for eating


“Come closer,” the lust in his voice spoke

I couldn’t move any closer as I was soaked in fear

I wanted to go home


His old hand held my chin and said “what beautiful lips you have”

As the coldness of his hands moved across my tender body

My heart cried for help, but my mouth just couldn’t


He placed his geriatric lips on mine

I could not pull away, he was too strong for me

Tears flowed like oceans from my eyes

My voice was lost in the deep sea

Never to be found, even by the greatest sailors


Every touch from him created more pain than a nine-year-old could ever bear

His hand reached out for my pants…

I finally had the courage to cry out loud

I couldn’t shut myself up


Letting me go from his evil grip

He looked me in the eye and whispered

“If you tell anyone, you will die.”


From my heart, I knew death wasn’t what I would get for being molested

But at the same time…

I couldn’t help but think

It was all my fault


If only I had stayed home

Oh maybe if I hadn’t tempted him

All this wouldn’t have happened

But it did, and I am to blame……


Author: Anonymous

Picture Credit: RediffNews



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  1. Solace Quist says:

    This poem speaks to me in an unimaginable way. Good job Sleepless in Monrovia, for bringing awareness to issues such as this. It’s time that victims of rape and abuse see themselves as just that;victims. Y’all are truly giving voice to the voiceless! Kudos

  2. Andy says:

    Real piece. My heart is in pieces, I don’t even know if I want to call it beautiful. It’s definitely an eye opener..

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