Masculinity: the idea that manhood is the summation of athletic abilities, senseless violence,  sexual conquest and lack of emotional capacity.



My hobbies include:

Tapping the cutest ass in the room,

Making bitches stay humble, and not taking shit from anyone.

To get my attention,

Just post a snap at home or text me “wyd.”

I’m not single, but I’m definitely not in a relationship.

Of course, she can call me bae

Just gimme the neck, nothing more


Why should I care?

Real niggas don’t catch feelings

I wear my smiles upside down bruh,

Fuck you talking bout empathy?!

Man up, my G.


Yo! that ass I smashed last night,

yeah homie, you can hit it too

Shawty’s all up in her feelings

So Imma dip and you play Mr. Nice Guy till you hit


All my boys respect my game

Got a girlfriend plus a side chick plus a side side chick

They talking bout building something with kweens

I’m tryna build my rep, fam.


* this requires any level of idiocy in order to read without the sarcasm.*

A poem by girlchild.

Featured Picture by Inside The Mind Of A Fuckboy

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  1. Loooove this. Such a modern, colloquial display of what toxic masculinity is. Sometimes the theory of it all gets lost when you’re trying to explain it, this makes it palpable.

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