She moves with fearlessness yet gracefully.

Her actions are swift and remorseless,

Her strides are full of gallantry but mysterious.

She bears the face of the ‘Grim Reaper.’

She consoles the victim but chastises the victor

Of all unfaithful unions.

Such is the fierceness of her justice,

Giving hope to the fallen.

Her revenge is served on a hot platter.

Albeit the saying of the old adage,

A soft spot she lacks.

For conscience has walked away from her.

When victims cry, she weeps.

For she was once the epitome of pain;

Tossed around like a nobody,

Now she’s somebody.

She’s the giver of justice.

The Voice of the Voiceless;

Hope of the Hopeless;

Wings of the Fallen;

She is “Karma.”

Authored by Darcess Dossen

Featured Picture TRALEG RINPOCHE 

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