My Mistake​

You said you love me, but you hurt me the most.

You said you love me, but your words were different from what your actions showed.

You said you love me, but you left me out in the cold.

You said you love me, yet you shut my emotional doors.


Numb from this excruciating pain in my heart;

I must admit, a few signs I ignored from the start,

But my mind was blinded by my heart.

I didn’t I pay attention to the red signs saying stop.


Drowning in the toxicity of different emotions,

Overshadowed by what was perceived to be love,

Tossing logic to the shelf, I dropped self-respect and all;

Not even the esteem of self.


I stayed, ignoring the scar across my face and the fractured bone in my hip.

Yes, I did, I made up excuses for you in my head.

Especially when u said

“Baby, I didn’t mean to hit you I don’t know what came over me… I promise it’ll never happen again if you let me back in.”


I headlessly agreed, hoping you had changed,

Clinging to the belief that things would not be the same.

Yet they were, and I’m ashamed for neglecting the strong person in me;

That part that constantly told me to get up and leave.


Finally, I did, I had to realize you weren’t worth the ache,

You were definitely not worth all that leap of faith.

I’m glad I came to terms with reality, and I must admit,

You are nothing but a worthless piece of shit!


Poem by Sekou Kamara 

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